Thursday, January 28


hmm..what is idol??
I hope everyone know about it..
cause I don't know how to translate it in english..n_n

is Idol is important??
for just nothing..

but now..
I realise idol is very important for us to succed in our life..

Want to know mY Idol??
wait the minute..I also want to know your idol..hehe..
My idol is..
my mother..
mrs Jamiah Binti Rais..

she is a loving and beautiful mother..
look at her daughter..
beautiful as her mother..hehe..

she also always helps me when I have problem..
she has many positive attitude that i like..
kind and do her responsible as a mother and as a wife
very well..

I love My mum..
and I will always make her as my idol in my life..

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