Thursday, January 21

My TeaCheR

Today Fieza want to share a little bit about my favourite teacher in SERATAS..
there are many teacher in this school that kind, loving and helpful..
and I like all the teachers..
my favourite teacher is PUAN RODZANARIAH..
she's teaching us 'HISTORY' in form 1..
now..I learn history with Cikgu Midah in form 2..
for me.. she is a good and kind teacher..
cikgu Rodzanariah also teach me to play hockey..
i'm enjoy learn from her..
she always advise her student to study and be a good student..
don't sleep in the class..
don't talk while she was teaching..
especially for the boys..
i like her very much..
and i will pray for her..
not for cikgu Rodzanariah only..
but for all the teacher in Sekolah Menengah Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah
my teachers in my primary school..
SK Teluk Medan..
Thank you for all your sacrifice to teach me until i at this school now..
i will remember it until my life ends..

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