Tuesday, January 12


In this three days,friday,saturday and sunday,8,9 and 10 January 2010..
my friends and I had a camp in our school..
It was a camp call MMU...
The facilitator come from the Multimedia University..they all are intelligent about computer..

We had learn about how to use the adobe photoshop..
it was very interesting..
besides learn about IT..we also do many other activities..like explorace and debates..
Fieza is selected to the group number 2..SEVEN UP..is our group's name..
Afiq Aiman, Fahmi, Izzwan, Ain Diyana, Erra, kak Ain and Fieza were in one group..
Kak Sheila and Abg Moy is our facilitator..
They were very friendly with us..the other facilitator also kind to us..
abg Mat Top, abg Moy, abg Qaliff, abg Din, abg Shah, abg Pian, abg Baha, abg Asrool, abg Shakir, abg Zaim, abe, abg Amir, kak Sheila, kak El, kak Fiza, kak Ella, kak Fatin, kak Ina, kak Lily, kak Farah

Fieza like the exercise the most..
it was challenging to remember the steps to do it..
but we were very enjoying the activities..

we also need to do the activity called Pulau Impian..
this activity need for the participants to collect money to buy buildings..
These buildings needed to put at the island..
Group that has the many buildings will win..

But fieza do not enjoyed the camp till the end because Fieza had to BBM..
The camp was very interesting..
we had learn many new things..

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