Saturday, January 23

My Best FrieNd

Assalamualaikum..and hello everybody..
do you all have BESt FRienD??
i'm sure all of you hve..right??
without friends our life will be so lonely..
we doesn't have someone to talk..
'someone' to share our sadness..
and 'someone' to share our happiness..
this 'someone' is our FRIENDS..
i want to tell you about my best friend..
her name is Umi Izzati binti Mohd Azhar..

i call her as Umi..
she is in form two just like me..
she study in SMKA Kerian..
she is a sweet and kind person..
we have be friends since in our standard school..
SK Teluk Medan..
we also in the same class when we was in standard school..
we were very close in that time..
Umi and i always chatting during our free time..
her younger sister and my younger sister also have been best friends..
they were in standard 6 now..
Umi and I still contact each other until now..
but we were so close now because we were not in the same school..

BUT..i still remember her as my best friend..
best friend forever and ever..
i hope all of you still remember your friends..
without them..who we are now..

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