Thursday, January 28


hmm..what is idol??
I hope everyone know about it..
cause I don't know how to translate it in english..n_n

is Idol is important??
for just nothing..

but now..
I realise idol is very important for us to succed in our life..

Want to know mY Idol??
wait the minute..I also want to know your idol..hehe..
My idol is..
my mother..
mrs Jamiah Binti Rais..

she is a loving and beautiful mother..
look at her daughter..
beautiful as her mother..hehe..

she also always helps me when I have problem..
she has many positive attitude that i like..
kind and do her responsible as a mother and as a wife
very well..

I love My mum..
and I will always make her as my idol in my life..

Saturday, January 23

My Best FrieNd

Assalamualaikum..and hello everybody..
do you all have BESt FRienD??
i'm sure all of you hve..right??
without friends our life will be so lonely..
we doesn't have someone to talk..
'someone' to share our sadness..
and 'someone' to share our happiness..
this 'someone' is our FRIENDS..
i want to tell you about my best friend..
her name is Umi Izzati binti Mohd Azhar..

i call her as Umi..
she is in form two just like me..
she study in SMKA Kerian..
she is a sweet and kind person..
we have be friends since in our standard school..
SK Teluk Medan..
we also in the same class when we was in standard school..
we were very close in that time..
Umi and i always chatting during our free time..
her younger sister and my younger sister also have been best friends..
they were in standard 6 now..
Umi and I still contact each other until now..
but we were so close now because we were not in the same school..

BUT..i still remember her as my best friend..
best friend forever and ever..
i hope all of you still remember your friends..
without them..who we are now..

Thursday, January 21

My TeaCheR

Today Fieza want to share a little bit about my favourite teacher in SERATAS..
there are many teacher in this school that kind, loving and helpful..
and I like all the teachers..
my favourite teacher is PUAN RODZANARIAH..
she's teaching us 'HISTORY' in form 1..
now..I learn history with Cikgu Midah in form 2..
for me.. she is a good and kind teacher..
cikgu Rodzanariah also teach me to play hockey..
i'm enjoy learn from her..
she always advise her student to study and be a good student..
don't sleep in the class..
don't talk while she was teaching..
especially for the boys..
i like her very much..
and i will pray for her..
not for cikgu Rodzanariah only..
but for all the teacher in Sekolah Menengah Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah
my teachers in my primary school..
SK Teluk Medan..
Thank you for all your sacrifice to teach me until i at this school now..
i will remember it until my life ends..

Tuesday, January 12


In this three days,friday,saturday and sunday,8,9 and 10 January 2010..
my friends and I had a camp in our school..
It was a camp call MMU...
The facilitator come from the Multimedia University..they all are intelligent about computer..

We had learn about how to use the adobe photoshop..
it was very interesting..
besides learn about IT..we also do many other explorace and debates..
Fieza is selected to the group number 2..SEVEN our group's name..
Afiq Aiman, Fahmi, Izzwan, Ain Diyana, Erra, kak Ain and Fieza were in one group..
Kak Sheila and Abg Moy is our facilitator..
They were very friendly with us..the other facilitator also kind to us..
abg Mat Top, abg Moy, abg Qaliff, abg Din, abg Shah, abg Pian, abg Baha, abg Asrool, abg Shakir, abg Zaim, abe, abg Amir, kak Sheila, kak El, kak Fiza, kak Ella, kak Fatin, kak Ina, kak Lily, kak Farah

Fieza like the exercise the most..
it was challenging to remember the steps to do it..
but we were very enjoying the activities..

we also need to do the activity called Pulau Impian..
this activity need for the participants to collect money to buy buildings..
These buildings needed to put at the island..
Group that has the many buildings will win..

But fieza do not enjoyed the camp till the end because Fieza had to BBM..
The camp was very interesting..
we had learn many new things..

Tuesday, January 5

AzaM TaHuN 2010

Hmmm..sekarang nie dah masuk tahun 2010...fieza dah jadi form 2 dah...rasa cepat sangat masa berlalu kan..
minggu ni jugak Fieza ada ujian diagnostik..

Fieza nak cerita tentang azam tahun baru Fieza ni..
Pertama sekali..Fieza nak dapat result semua A...
straight A's..dalam semua peperiksaan..markah 90 ke atas..
Fieza jugak nak siapkan semua kerja sekolah yang cikgu bagi tanpa tangguh-tangguh.
bagi subjek yang lemah pulak..fieza nak buat banyak latihan dan tingkatkan lagi usaha..
fieza nak jadi rajin..rajin..rajin..dan
extra rajin.
study smart jangan study hard..
tidur biar cukup..bangun pagi awal..datang sekolah tak boleh tidur...
tentang makanan pulak..fieza nak kurangkan sikit makan makanan ringan gitu..rosak ingatan nanti..otak tak boleh jalan..makanan segera pun tak boleh...dah la sekarang nie dah tembam..aduhh..
fieza jugak nak tingkatkan usaha dalam sukan ni..terutama hoki..kena aktif..
jangan tinggal solat dan kalau boleh..solat berjemaah..lebih afdal..
jangan pedulikan kata2 negatif yang orang cakap kat kita..
selalu fikir positif..
jangan boros..jangan membazir..cuba berjimat-cermat..
dan akhir sekali terus berada kat SERATAS..